8 Ways Your Blog Can Help Your Business

… Even If You Don’t Blog Often for Business

Business blog Companies can get significant benefits by maintaining (and updating) a business blog. For one, search engines love blog content. Creating content regularly helps your company be found more easily in Google, Bing and Yahoo’s search engines. More importantly, potential customers are also interested in good, relevant content. Once they discover it, blog content keeps them on your site longer and gives them the opportunity to get to know you on a deeper level, making them more likely to buy from you.

I will dig into these and other benefits in a minute. But first, let’s address the biggest complaint that I hear: “I don’t have time to blog”.

I could explain how you can create an editorial calendar to keep you on track, how you could carve out a dedicated time to write, how you could hire bloggers to write for you, or how you could accept guest posts to get more content on your site. These are all great ways to make blogging more methodical and to reduce your blogging workload. But, I’d like to take this “conversation” in a different direction, if that’s alright with you.

So what if you only have the time, energy or bandwidth to create a few blog posts over the next few months? Is it worth it? I say yes!

Benefits of Blogging for Business Periodically

Here are several benefits that you can get even if you just produce just a few well-written blog posts:

1) You can show your expertise to potential clients

Potential clients will often look at your blog before meeting you. Having key posts that shows your thought leadership is a great way to get a leg up on your competition.

2) Your blog helps to “Pre-qualify” your company in the client’s eyes

People want to know that you’re real, that you know what you’re talking about, and that you are serious about your business. Having an attractive website and some blog content is a great way to get “pre-qualified” by your potential customers. Often if you don’t have enough of a web presence, people won’t bother calling you to learn more.

3) Can help you get found on the search engines

If you do it right, your website and blog content can help you get found by your target clients via the search engines. If you blog, learn the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) basics or invest in a little SEO training so you can get the maximum benefit for your limited amount of content.

4) Your blog content can open you up to unexpected opportunities

Having a blog can bring amazing opportunities that just a basic website won’t provide. One of my earlier blog posts brought me two significant opportunities (out of the blue) that were about 10-20x more valuable than the typical project I was getting at that time.

5) Blog content gives you something to share on social media

If you’re interacting on social media, your blog content is a great excuse to get your name in front of potential clients or industry influencers. If your post is interesting, influencers may share it, expanding your reach.

6) Can give you a quick way to answer a question from your potential clients

Why answer each question individually? If you answer commonly asked questions on your blog, you can then send that to potential or current customers rather than typing a complete email for each one. Each time you get that question you just write a short email (possibly with a call to action) and attach a link to that post!

7) Gives you a platform to feature clients or partners

You can do a favor for a client or partner by featuring them on your blog. This can pay dividends in the future by getting you more referrals or by having your partner feature you on their site!

8) Is your resume for potential guest blogging opportunities

One of the more valuable things that you can do to attract visitors to your site is to guest post on other, larger industry blogs. Having well-written blog posts on your own blog will help you land posts on these other industry blogs.

Even Occasional Blogging For Business Has It’s Rewards

I hope you can see how this can benefit even the occasional blogger. If so, I recommend you address a few of the main questions that your prospective clients typically have or you can write about your perspective on important topics in your industry.

If you want more blog post ideas, you can get my Blog Post Ideas Toolkit here. http://www.rightmixmarketing.com/blog-ideas-toolkit/

So, are you ready to get started with your blog?

Tom Treanor Online Marketing for Small BusinessTom Treanor is the President of Right Mix Marketing, which provides Social Media consulting and training. He helps cut through the clutter, making online marketing easier to do and more effective for your business.

  • Howdy Tom.

    Great tips as usual my friend. Crazy as it is; it seems the majority of businesses out there still have no idea how important this is.

    Do you see the same thing?

    In this day and age, becoming a “Trusted Authority and Leader” through content creation and blogging is pretty mandatory for entrepreneurs.

    Good stuff… 🙂 Eric

    • So many companies don’t know where to start or why they should start.

      I don’t think they realize that even a few good blog posts can be a great thing. If they can write a few quality posts, they can help prospective customers get to know them more. If they can post regularly, great. If not, then get those key posts out there.

      To your point, if they blog then they can become more of a thought leader.

      Thanks Eric,


  • Done properly, your blog will attract visitors that turn into leads, and eventually convert into sales. Marcus Sheridan recently detailed on his blog how he was able to track $2 million in sales that his company has gotten straight from leads that found the website first through a blog article he wrote.

    I would argue that in the internet age, it is a necessity for business to have a blog.

    • Jeanne,
      I agree that companies that want to get ahead will have a blog. Those that don’t have any content may get left behind! Marcus at thesaleslion.com did provide a great example of how his blog generates business. Thanks for the comment!

  • Tom

    I think so many small businesses struggle with the online concept in general, seeing it as merely a static advertisement for their business rather than a platform for communication and interaction with their clientelle.

    I’ve yet to see a business that couldn’t benefit from blogging in one way or another.

    • I agree Jackie. I’m working with one of my newer clients to produce some content focused on their target keyword phrases. They definitely get the value of this and it will inform their customers so it’s a win-win!

  • Shanna Mann

    I would mention that if you’re only able to blog occasionally, turn off the dates on your posts. I recently went to a blog that hadn’t been updated since 07. It looked like somebody had thought it was a good idea, but then lacked followthru or got reassigned. The content was still good, but all that cold material made me think the company was too busy or lacked attention to detail. Five years is a long time, and a really dumb place to be sending clients (which is what you’re doing when it’s listed on LinkIn). Might as well just take it down, at that rate.

    • Shanna has a good point too — a blog reflects you and your company, as does a dead one 🙂

      • Jason. Yes, makes sense. Turn off the dates or at least update it regularly enough so it doesn’t look dead…

    • Hey Shanna. That’s a fair point. They can turn off the dates or at least blog regularly enough so it doesn’t look moribund. It doesn’t mean they have to blog every week (if they don’t have the resources) in my opinion…

  • Yeup, totally agreed, Tom. Blogging is a very valuable asset, and worth considering 🙂

  • Tom,

    I’d have to say that #1 is most important in my book for a Business Blog… Show them you are the expert in what they need before they ever talk to you.

    Great stuff!

    Ryan H.

  • Hi Tom,

    Interesting angle to business blogging. Can’t remember reading much about irregular blogging 😀

    And the benefits are really true, though you do get more of each of them with more regular posting…

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  • Too many businesses think a blog is a replacement PR feed. Me, me, me. Whilst a bit of bragging is OK, the main purpose of a blog is to build authority and trust. “We’re experts and here’s how”

  • Exellent post, Tom – I think you’ve inspired me to get back to posting for my work’s blog.

  • Exellent post, Tom – I think you’ve inspired me to get back to posting for my work’s blog.

  • Thanks for the post, Time to get blogging….!