What makes a Facebook Promotion Work?

By Brian McNeil-Smith Whether you are running a promotion for the first time or a seasoned pro, it’s time to Facebook promo ‘app up’ and make your promos Facebook compliant, but also save yourself time and money in the process ...
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6 Social Mistakes That Will Cost You!

Depending on who you talk to, social media is either the greatest thing since sliced bread or it's the biggest waste of time imaginable! So why isn't it working for everyone? Why do some people seem to hold the ...
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Curious About Crowdfunding?

3 Simple Ways to Understand Crowdfunding and Harness the Power of this Hot Trend! by Patty Lennon Crowdfunding--the ability for a large group of people to band together and make small investments that collectively are enough to fund a project or startup--is becoming ...
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4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Social Buzz Club

httpv:// The video speaks for itself... 4 great ways to get the most out of Social Buzz Club. Here are the links mentioned in the video: Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich by David Garfinkel | Infogram |   About ...
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Social Buzz Club: The Tribe for Visibility and More Blog Traffic

Members are raving about the results they are getting from Social Buzz Club! Nothing feels quite as good as when your friends give you a little public praise. It makes US feel so good that we want to share! Thanks, ...
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How To Make 6-Figure Revenue with Local Facebook Marketing

Social Buzz Club presents Facebook Marketer Nick Unsworth We’re really excited to have social media Super Star Nick Unsworth on a Facebook Marketing training webinar (replay below)! He’s sharing how he started from scratch and built a 6-figure local marketing ...
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Build Your Twitter Influence with

When it comes to expanding your reach on Twitter, you need to cut through all the noise, find the right people to engage with and build relationships. This can take an enormous amount of time if you don't have the right ...
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How To Get Massive Social Media Buzz and Web Traffic

Become a Social Media Super Influencer With Premium Membership The power of a collaboration from the Social Buzz Club high quality members is proving to drive more traffic and social media buzz. Members get their content shared anywhere from ...
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Blogging Success with Michael Stelzner

We had a chance to do another interview with Social Media Examiner founder and blog expert Michael Stelzner on his blog's success and tips for growing your blog. Michael Stelzner starting blogging with his Writing White Papers blog started in ...
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LinkedIn Strategies For Your Business and Increased Market Visibility

Leading LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen offered great LinkedIn strategies for business on Social Buzz Club’s Social Buzz U that made me realize how important LinkedIn is for business. Viveka got started on LinkedIn in 2006. She is a supporter ...
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How to Create Your Virtual Sales Team Using Video Marketing Systems

Game Changer: Webinar Marketing Strategy - You're Going to LOVE This Way to Get Into Video Marketing Video Marketers Cory Michael Sanchez and Ira Rosen know how to make your dream of having a video marketing system that gets you ...
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Pinterest for Business Exposure

Social media influencer, Kim Garst, gave a fabulous training for our Social Buzz U chock full of Pinterest tips for business. Here are some of the highlights she shared: What is Pinterest?  Pinterest is a social network that allows you ...
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8 Ways Your Blog Can Help Your Business

... Even If You Don't Blog Often for Business Companies can get significant benefits by maintaining (and updating) a business blog. For one, search engines love blog content. Creating content regularly helps your company be found more easily in Google, ...
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Embrace Google Plus Business Pages

Every month a billion people utilize Google’s search engine, making it the most visited website in the world. So it stands to reason that Google’s latest social network, Google Plus (aka G+ or Google+), will be a boon to businesses ...
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Social Buzz Club, Blog Content Syndication System and the Influence Expansion Academy

 ...Team Up to Help Women Entrepreneurs Get Real Results from Social Media Kathryn Rose, CEO and Laura Rubinstein, President of content syndication community, Social Buzz Club along with Lena West, CEO of announce an alliance to bring content syndication ...
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