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10 Tips on Speaking, Your Body Language and Knowing Your Worth

When you talk, are you shining in your own best light?

photo of man happy with himselfRecently I heard Robyn Hatcher of SpeakEtc say this, “What is your value proposition?” What this means is to explain what value you bring to your business. For creatives like myself, we may say our art or creativity, but we are each so much more than that.

During a class series I had taken, I had homework each week and in one particular week I had this exact question of writing easily and simply what it is that I do and how I can best explain it, so others get what I’m about. It’s not an easy question to answer and you’d be surprised at how many drafts there were.

If we cannot understand ourselves and be able to express it to others, we are not fully realizing our potential.

So, below is a list of tips to guide you based on what I have learned from Robyn:

1- Don’t just talk, talk, talk and not be communicating.

2- Don’t just throw things at people like you are pitching baseballs, instead share information and they will be engaged.

3- Think of someone who loves your work and what their characteristics are… if you are shy when speaking, try taking on their persona briefly.

4- Learn what your “bottom line” is when being interviewed or speaking. This way you know the one thing you want them to remember.

5- If speaking to someone over the phone, stand up, you will have more energy, and have a mirror nearby so while talking you can smile, it will be heard on the other end.

6- If you are someone who says “um” or “ah” be aware of it and instead just pause briefly.

7- Learn how to “check-in” properly. Say, “Am I making myself clear or is what I’m saying making sense.” NOT: Do you understand? which can make it seem they aren’t getting you, when you want them to know you mean, are you expressing yourself clearly.

8- Think of words as musical notes, not just black and white lines on a page, this will help you be more expressive so your enthusiasm matches your art.

9- Remember to have eye contact with all parties in the circle (at a party, event or opening) and not just focus on one person and leave others out. Everyone has value and you may even be talking to a person who is not the decision maker.

10- Own your gift and share it with others. Don’t be so humble and shy!


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