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Presenting… the leading edge in social media marketing!

Social Buzz Club is the world’s first collaborative content syndication site and pay-it-forward social marketing tool.

SBC where savvy social networkers get the word out for each other so they can drive traffic, increase online sales, and build a positive widely-recognized reputation for themselves, as well as their clients.

The community members are highly connected social media professionals, business owners, online marketers, bloggers and entrepreneurs who share each others’ content to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn networks and also bookmark fellow members’ links. Social Buzz Club is a robust site and innovative social marketing tool which provides members sharing tools and buttons all in one place.

When members share content they typically have the opportunity to earn valuable points. This gamification encourages collaboration and reciprocal sharing. A member can add his/her content to the community once he/she earns enough points. New ways to earn points are being added to our system to make it even more fun and an active collaboration site.


Once upon a time, two friends and social media marketing colleagues were talking about how they could work together and help one another spread the word about their new clients. One had a new client she was working with and wanted to get some exposure to the valuable content this client created, the other a charity who was running a campaign and also needed exposure to increase awareness.

The tools they had weren’t quite doing the job.

They knew that clients were no longer satisfied with the number of fans and followers, it was all about return on investment (ROI). Clients wanted to see their communities in action, sending traffic to their websites, actually converting them to customers or donors.

They needed something new and innovative with a broad reach.

They agreed that this was a challenge and thought that they probably weren’t the only ones with that same challenge.

Then, they said “what if?” What if a marketing collaboration network could be set up comprised of professionals in the social media, thought leadership and entrepreneurial space, with the sole purpose of spreading the word about each others’ businesses or clients in an authentic, positive way? This would extend the reach of the client’s message and encourage the sharing of quality content across the social media platforms.

What if it was set up so that the content can be global or local, thereby increasing the number of targeted prospects — increase ROI for the clients? Even better, what if members can share content of their own, and gain exposure for themselves?

The idea for the Social Buzz Club was born. You are about to access the social marketing tool that is the brainchild of this active collaboration. Viola! success!

About the Founders

Kathryn RoseKathryn Rose

Laura RubinsteinLaura Rubinstein

Kathryn is a social media strategist, trainer, author and speaker whose clients include major brands, international organizations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

In her twenty year sales and marketing career, Kathryn has become a specialist in increasing sales through collaborative strategies. As a Vice President of Sales at the Wall Street firm, Credit Suisse, she built a referral network that helped her increase sales to over $100m per year. She also created CT’s first cable television cooperative marketing alliance, as well as the Arts Marketing cooperative, which helped these clients with limited marketing budgets achieve economies of scale.

She is a sought after speaker and trainer on using social media for maximum online visibility and using online marketing and social media tools to create referral networks and to increase sales. As an author, her books include: The Step by Step Guide to Facebook for Business, The Step by Step Guide to Twitter for Business, The Step by Guide to SEO/Video Marketing for Business and The Step by Step Guide to Linkedin for Business and The Parent’s and Grandparent’s Guides to Facebook.

Her speaking events include the Ladies Who Launch Global Conference, Real Estate University and Loan Officer Magazine. She has also spoken to school systems in Canada and the U.S. about online safety for children.

Laura Rubinstein is a Social Media and Marketing Strategist, Master Leadership Coach, and Certified Hypnotherapist. She is the creator of the course.

With over twenty years of marketing consulting experience, Laura has optimized marketing plans and developed branding strategies for more than 1,000 professionals and small business owners globally.

Laura’s clients consistently increase their net worth and expand their client base (often times doubling their business).

She speaks at international conferences and organizations such as Cruise Planners/ American Express, Social Media Marketing World, National Christian Writers Conference, Xerox, American Association of University Women (AAUW), American Business Visions, the Federal Aviation Association (FAA), Holistic Chamber of Commerce, eWomenNetwork, and International Hypnosis Federation.

Laura, a Vanderbilt University alumnus, draws on an analytical nature, strong interpersonal skills, diverse business experience, team-oriented nature, and creative problem-solving abilities to provide highly effective customized programs highly effective. Her six years in corporate management, extensive coach training, studies and collaborations with marketing industry leaders make Laura’s work uniquely effective.

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