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Here is a quick overview of the many exclusive benefits available to you as an Ambassador!

Within the first 60 days you have a HUGE opportunity to EARN DOUBLE commission:

Enroll 5 or more new members in the first 30 days and you earn DOUBLE commissions (that’s 40%). Be sure to schedule a masterclass this month… and you can get it done in one day.

How To Use Your Benefits

  1. Do a Social Buzz U masterclass (if you haven’t in the last year), we will feature you and your live high value webinar training on Social Buzz U. This includes: THREE solo email blasts to our list, Premium Buzz promotion of the webinar, lots of social media about your class to the Social Buzz Club channels:
    1. This is an opportunity for you to deliver tremendous value and promote your business at the same time!
      Please fill in this form and schedule your webinar:
    2. After submitting your form be sure you arrive on the confirmation page. If you are not taken to the confirmation page, your webinar was not submitted. And if you are still on the form, please scroll up and find the missing piece you need to enter and try submitting again until you are taken to the confirmation page
    3. Download all the speaker instructions on the confirmation page and review them.
  2. Every time you refer a paying member you get 20 credits into your account. That means you can submit 4 buzz into the feed for buzzing (sharing) by members. Your credits will be added at the beginning of the month for the prior month’s new members referred. If you don’t see your new credits, please contact manager (no spaces).
  3. Ambassador Visibility in the Rewards Store… You may place a prize in our rewards store that members can purchase using their credits. You can offer complimentary strategy sessions, or a ticket to your next event. Our members will see your offer and can purchase it with their credits.
      1. To submit a reward have the following prepared: either a URL where people can go to get it your reward (like a calendar link) or a PDF with instructions, coupon code and the link where they should go.
      2. Then fill out the form here:
      3. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT YOUR REWARD: this reward must NOT be available for free anywhere.
        This must be something anyone else would pay for example, you could offer:
        •  1-hour consultation for 200 credits (that you normally CHARGE for)
        •   50%-100% off coupon for a class, training, or event
        •  Starbucks Card and virtual coffee with you
        •  An ad/placement on your newsletter or website
        •  A featured interview that is normally paid for
        Do NOT submit a rewards store offer that you give away for free anywhere.
  4. TOP PROMOTER of the month gets a sidebar clickable graphic on the Buzz Now page (that links back to your lead generating offer). Hundreds of FREE impressions every week for your brand. We will notify the winner at the beginning of each month and we will also recognize you in the SBC Affiliates Facebook Group.
  5. You get to keep your Premium Membership for free (value $297/year) for every month that you have a new paid referred member.
  6. Offer your community a 14 Day FREE Trial… we will create a custom page for you. Email for your unique affilaite FREE Trial page link (to send to your list).