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Looks aren’t everything, but they still count for something!

Why Isn’t Branding & Design Part of Your Teleseries on Building a Business?

What good is sending more traffic to your site, if once they get there, your site has been slapped together and is just plain horrible?

Lately, I see and get invited to so many teleclasses. Whether free or paying, everybody has something they want to teach us, and of course the top issue is more traffic to your site or blog… and hopefully providing people with something they want to know and will share with others.

I click on those links and the sales pages are just pushing content and sign up forms, without caring much about how they look.

In addition, if a teleseries is about helping grow your business or build a new one, how come not one of the presenters is a branding or design specialist? Are they really saying that content is the only key here? That marketing a concept is more important than the presentation of it? That building a business has nothing to do with your visual footprint?

Well let me be the first to say, content is important, but your brand identity represents you, when you are not around.

Branding is one of the most important things about your business. When someone spots your logo or graphic identity and it’s distinctive enough, they remember it.

Do you think Apple, HBO, or Nike would slap a web page up there and not consider the branding, design and messaging all together? Every spinoff or product they launch or advertise is carefully planned, smartly thought out, extensively designed and pushed to market in just the right way.

Every business should consider the same criteria if they want stellar results.

It’s time that branding and design were equal components to any teleseries about marketing and building your business.

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