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Organic Influencer Marketing
The Secret to Building Buzz & Your Business Using Social Media

Your influence is about to explode!

Ready to make the most of your TEDx talk and grow your visibility?

 As you know, being a TEDx speaker is great, but to make the greatest impact you need amplify your influence online.
If you’ve been wondering how to leverage social media to grow your visibility and generate more leads, you’re in luck.

Laura Rubinstein, President and Founder of Social Buzz Club, is an award winning digital marketing strategist. She lives and breathes online visibility strategies all day long. We’ve arranged for Laura to share with you her insider organic tactics to:

  • position you to your market and media as the leading authority,
  • boost your credibility and
  • increase your profitability.

Laura is an expert social media strategist who has helped thousands build massive traffic online with simple organic social media strategies.

Reserve Your Spot

During this free virtual training you’ll discover how you can use social media to:
  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Increase your reach online
  • Get other influencers regularly promoting you
  • Build your list automatically (you won’t believe how easy this is)
  • Find new opportunities for speaking and business
  • Elevate your search ranking organically (basically free)

You will learn about simple tools that allow you to harness the power of influencer marketing and increase your authority and profitability.

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