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Creative Use of Outbound Videos to Boost Your Business

Outbound Videos help to build your business.

Use Outbound Video to Drive Inbound TrafficWe know videos are a fantastic tool to connect and communicate with people and I want to show you just a couple of ways to use videos that don’t involve uploading to Youtube or keywording etc.

It involves you just pointing a webcam and sending your video via email. (BTW this is covered in more detail in my ebook “61 Ways to use videos in your business” coming soon.)

Video Email Programs

There are now a growing number of video email programs to choose from. Some easy to use, some more complex; others Multi Level Marketing and others not. We use one called Eyejot as it is simple to use, allows tracking to see who has opened the video email and allows sending to groups.

Step 1: Film a video via webcam into the program or film with webcam or other camera and upload into the program.

Step 2: Enter contact details and brief message.

Step 3: Send.

It really is that simple. Plus being able to brand your email and video page adds to your professionalism.

Creative ways to use Video Emails to boost your business

Meeting Follow up: When you meet with someone, whether it is an initial meeting or you have met before, send them a follow up video email, saying that it was a great meeting, pointing out some of the highlights and propose the next steps.

Video to Support Documentation: If you send out written proposals why not add a video showing how you prepared the proposal and how working with you will benefit them. This personalises the proposal above more than just numbers and words.

Post Coaching Video: After a coaching session just shoot a quick video highlighting the key points from the session and the tasks required between coaching sessions.

Facebook Connecting: The ubiquitous-ness of facebook makes it a bit hard to stand out. Post a video to your fans, and say “Hi!” just to remind them that there is a human behind that page of posts.

Thank you Videos: Thank you for purchasing. What a surprise it would be for someone who had just purchased something from you to get a video thanking them for buying, plus a few tips on how to get the most out of their purchase. Or Sometimes you may just want to thank some of your top clients for being a great client. There is no better way to increase loyalty and get a wow factor. Plus these types of videos are most very likely to be passed on to friends.

Have a try! It is one of the most simple and cost effective strategies we use in our business with fantastic results.

What creative ways have YOU found to use Video in your marketing? Share below!

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