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Want to get real ROI on your social media?

Would you like a 62% increase in blog traffic, more clients and retweets?

Amy Porterfield
Denise Wakeman
Mari Smith
Pam Brossman



Your membership includes:

Special Offer: Membership + Virtual Assistant Benefits

The results speak for themselves…

“After one month of membership in the Social Buzz Club, I’m hooked. Not only have I seen a significant increase in traffic to my blog, engagement in the form of commenting and social sharing has gone up too. Exposure on twitter and Facebook specifically has increased by approximately 70%. In addition to getting my content in front of new audiences, a benefit I didn’t anticipate is the connection with the savvy professionals who are producing top quality content that I can share with my own community. It’s a win all the way around. The Social Buzz Club has become an important tool for increasing my online visibility and creating more opportunities for my business.”
~ Denise Wakeman, Online Visibility Expert

“When you take a great idea and execute it flawlessly, everyone wins. In this case, the folks at Social Buzz Club have built a wonderful system that takes the best aspects of social media and combine it with excellent content. The result is a tremendous way to expand your brand and spread your message to an audience who appreciates your content. Social Buzz Club definitely lives up to their mission of ‘success through collaboration.’ It’s a generous community of people supporting each other. SBC is a great way to share other’s relevant content, and to make sure your own message doesn’t get lost in the social media noise.”
~ Lou Bortone, Video Marketing Strategist

“Since I started using Social Buzz Club, I’ve seen a 62% increase in click-throughs on links to my website and a ton more visibility– and that’s with only the tiny “test member” group. I can’t wait to see what this will do at full capacity!”
~ Payson Cooper

“This brand new social media tool is the bomb! Since joining the Social Buzz Club only a few weeks ago, my blog visibility has already increased by 20% and my Twitter followers by 10%. I receive comments and connect with new colleagues on LinkedIn and Facebook, daily. The sharing of content by this diverse and knowledgeable membership is invaluable to entrepreneurs and bloggers!”
~Susan Newman

Thrive With Your Tribe

Are you like us? Do you have valuable information like blog posts, white papers, downloadable reports, video tutorials, contests, and you’ve tried tweeting and posting your free offers on Facebook, only to have your posts and tweets get lost in the noise?

Furthermore, you know that if you could increase the visibility of your amazing offers you would effectively drive more quality traffic to your sites, and people would opt-in and ultimately buy. Well it works for super-connectors on Facebook and Twitter who have it made because they’re already famous and have the attention of millions.

What About the Rest of Us?

Our followings are decent, but when we post, they don’t see it! 
What if hundreds of “Us” started sharing “Your” blogs, podcasts, videos, etc

That would mean you too would have the visibility of a super-connector. When thousands come together to collaborate, the magic of massive traffic happens!

Social Buzz Club Gets You Web Traffic & Social Endorsements

The Social Buzz Club is a tribe of bloggers, business owners, speakers, authors, and nonprofit organizations like you who get the word out about each other on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn).

The social media marketing playing field is level and you now can receive the heightened exposure and traffic you’ve dreamed of.

You’ll get access to our content syndication tool and membership community of influencers.

With the Social Buzz Club you will…

Can you afford NOT to take advantage of these amazing benefits? 

Normally membership and virtual assistant services cost more than $997 a year.
This special EBC done-for-you offer is only $447 annually.

🤩 EBC MEMBERS Receive:

  1. Premium Membership – buzz whenever you want
  2. A Virtual Assistant working on your visibility who will do it for you.
    – Your VA will share others’ content to your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts keeping them active with highly valuable and relevant content.
    – Then your VA will submit your blogs, videos, podcasts, etc (links) and write the posts that go with it for OTHERS to share for you.
  3. 🎁 Social Buzz University 24-7 access with over 200+ expert trainings
  4. 🎁Opportunity for you to offer your webinar (with upsell or freebie of your choice) on the Social Buzz University platform
  5. 🎁A buzz marketing strategy session with our team to set your account up and determine the best content to share for you.
  6. 🎁 Your landing page promoted on Social Buzz Club (Resources area)
👍 It’s a no-brainer: 🎁Bonus Gifts are valued over $897… for only $447.


What if I only want membership and have my own VA help me?
Yes, you can get the membership alone here for $297/year or $29/month.

Can I tell the VA what kind of content to share and not share?
Yes, in your onboarding setup session, we will clarify what content is relevant to your audience and any content types you don’t want to be shared.

May I cancel this at any time?
Yes, you can cancel, and the membership will expire at the end of the annual period. If you prefer to sign up for month to month services, please register here and choose the $29/month link. To cancel your subscription, in your membership area, simply click on My Dashboard > My Profile > Subscription to unsubscribe.

What exactly doe the Virtual Assistant do?
You’ll get a Virtual Assistant who will share and submit buzz for you!

  • Done for you services – Your very own Virtual Assistant will:
    • Set up your account
    • Confirm and clarify with you ideal content types you approve for sharing to your networks
    • Share other members’ buzz* to your networks each week during the month earning you 15-20 credits monthly
    • Write the caption for your content and submit up to 3 of your content links (blog/article/quotes) for buzzing by the tribe each month.
    • *Note: Buzz will be scheduled to post to your networks at varying times throughout the week.

If I want something special submitted to the Buzz Club, how do I notify the Virtual Assistant?
Your VA is available to take new content from you via email**. Your VA will by default look to your blog/podcast or other location where your regularly post to find buzz to submit. If you have a special event, giveaway, or other high-value piece of content you want submitted (for a client or alliance), you may send an email with the link to be submitted and written.


The Fine Print

The done for you package includes an initial setup phone/Skype/Zoom meeting with you to discuss appropriate shared buzz content topics, and monthly sharing reports.

Normal membership rules for credits required to post your own buzz content apply.

An individual social media location is defined as any one of the following:

  • Facebook profile
  • Twitter account
  • LinkedIn profile

**Any buzz submissions must be provided a minimum of 72 business hours (3 Business Days) prior to desired post date.

Watch the Facebook Live Announcement & Details:

Want to talk this through and see if this is right for you?

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