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Why Social Buzz Club?

Because small business needs a better social marketing tool.

Take the guesswork out of Social Media Marketing
Small business owners make up 50% of the 7 trillion dollars US gross domestic product.

There are 33.2 million small business owners, 69% of whom want help getting customers using the internet. But most of them don’t understand internet marketing, they won’t take the time to study social media, and they don’t have a clue about search engine optimization.

However, online marketing is a problem they know they MUST face and capitalize on. They know that traditional marketing doesn’t work on its own. They need systems and tools, and social media professionals who know how to attract the eyes and ears of their marketplace. Do you know how? We found that 90% of social media pros and business owners find that getting the word out about their brands effectively is the number one most difficult task.

The Social Buzz Club solves the problem and enables social media savvy business owners, social media marketing pros, and online marketing consultants the opportunity to become brand buzz builders through the world’s first collaborative content-sharing system.

Since sharing is based on reciprocity, every member gives first. With this social marketing tool, that means getting the word out about great brands in alignment with their natural networks is the first priority every member has. In other words, your client content will be promoted to target audiences. Once a member earns enough points from sharing targeted content, he/she then may contribute his/her client content to the pool. This ensures that everyone is sharing content and the club is a major force in creating buzz about the brands you own or work for.

What is the purpose of the Social Buzz Club?

The Social Buzz Club is a content syndication network based on reciprocity.

Our innovative social marketing tool allows members to not only share their own content, but that of their clients as well. This allows members, and member clients, to reach audiences otherwise limited by their own social networks. Members get good content to share that can be targeted geographically or by specific categories.

How does the Social Buzz Club work?

Give and ye shall receive, simple.

Sharing works on a point system. Basic and Premium Members of the club must accumulate 5 points before they can share one thing of their own.  Free Membership requires that 10 points are accumulated to submit a buzz. You accumulate points by sharing available content from other members to your networks like Twitter and LinkedIn. Once you are ready to submit your content for buzzing by members, you will be able to share links to blog posts, videos, articles, offers–anything that offers high quality content as it does not cross the line to spam.

So, can I just come in, share 5* things randomly and then post my own stuff?

Social Buzz Club is designed to be a powerful collaborative marketing opportunity!

Good question. The answer is technically yes, but why would you? Marketing professionals know they are only as good as the content they share. You wouldn’t want to just send out 5 tweets in a row or 5 posts into your social network feed. At Social Buzz Club we give you tips and training on how to accumulate points so you inspire your networks. The whole idea behind using this collaborative social marketing tool is to avoid spamming, and instead build your reputation as an excellent content curator and amplifier. This happens by effectively and efficiently sharing quality, relevant content with our collective networks. Furthermore, we allow you to schedule your postings so you can accumulate points in a credible way without having to come back to the feed all the time.

*5 point requirement applies to Basic and Premium Members. Free members are required to share and accumulate 10 points.

Speaking of the “S” word–how do you keep them out?

There’s a secret handshake, and a level of credibility required to join.

Social Buzz Club is a professional organization. Our social marketing tool is only available to accepted members in good standing. We review every member to make sure they are active on the social networks and our guidelines set forth in Section 8 of our Terms Of Use.

While we do our own monitoring of the content, the Social Buzz Club, like other social networks relies on its members to flag and report inappropriate content or users. All reports are anonymous. If content is reported it is removed immediately and in certain cases, the member will be removed as well.

What if I’m not sure my content is good enough?

Don’t despair, we’ve got tips to help you get there.

You can take a look at our free ebook on how to increase your visibility online, including how to increase your Klout score. And pay attention to your current social media. You’ll learn a lot just by using the free social marketing tools already on the market. You can visit some of the sites in our “recommended resources” section for beginner tips on social media marketing and how to create great content when you first get started.

How will I know that new relevant content is available to share gets posted?

We wouldn’t leave you in the dark to guess. We’ll tell you!

At 9 am (according to your account settings time zone) you will receive a “SBC Daily Buzz” email that will aggregate content posted in your relevant geographical location or categories that you indicate in your account profile. This will give you the most timely content, right to your inbox, so you can sift and sort and plan your approach for the day. You’ll be able to see easily what collaborative marketing opportunities are available, how you might create more, and get quick access to trending topics that you can jump on!

Is Social Buzz Club available to U.S. only?

We’re growing quickly!

Technically, our social marketing tool is available to anyone who meets the membership criteria, anywhere in the world. At this time, our targeted geography & geolocation aspect of the tool – allowing for sharing in very targeted physical markets – is limited to certain U.S. cities, all U.S. states, all Canadian provinces and most countries outside the U.S. We will be adding more metro regions across the world as members request them. But in the meantime, if you have content to share with the world, come on in!

What are ways to accumulate points?

Sharing, sharing, sharing!

As we mentioned, Basic and Premium Members need 5 points in order to share 1 thing of your own. 1 point = 1 share. Free Members need 10 points in order to share 1 thing.

We also have an opportunity for 501c3 registered charities to apply to post “charity buzz”. Charity buzz is indicated by a yellow highlight box around it and members that share this content get 1 additional point for a total of 2 points. If you share a charity buzz (2pts) and 3 other members content you get to your 5 points. From time to time, we will feature specific content that will also qualify for two points when you share it. These items will be indicated by a green highlight box.

When you sign up you will come to a Quick Start video page that describes the SBC and how it works. If you share with your networks that you joined the social buzz club, you get 2 points immediately.

Also, if you are one of the 5 top sharers for a month, you get 10 extra points. We reward members with an additional 5 points for sharing content and they are featured on the membership home page.

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