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Google+: The Social Network for Leaders

The new kid on the block plays with the big kids… and so can you!

By far, I have to agree with many of the early adopters of Google+ that one of the most exciting things that this new social media platform offers is the accessibility to industry leaders… including Jeremiah Owyang of Tech Crunch, Pete Cashmore of Mashable, Jesse Stay, Craig Kanalley Senior Editor of Huffington Post and bunches more.

Furthermore, since there are so many technically and social savvy leaders hanging out on Google Plus, the quality of the content is stellar.

Just today I logged in and was able to do some market research on name brand companies, learn about some up and coming artists, got some web support by asking a simple question. The possibilities for what this rapidly rising social network can do for you are incredible.

If you’re a leader or want to be one, I recommend getting up to speed on Google+. You can hang out with the best of the best. Plus, here is a link to an article with some great tips on how to make the most of Google+ for your business from our friends at iStrategy…

11 Ways for Businesses to Utilize Google+

We’d love to hear how you are maximizing your use of Google+ and who you love following in your Google Plus circles.

Thanks to iStrategy Amsterdam, Netherlands for sponsoring today’s discussion! Share your thoughts below!

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