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Mike Polischuk Influence on Twitter When it comes to expanding your reach on Twitter, you need to cut through all the noise, find the right people to engage with and build relationships. This can take an enormous amount of time if you don’t have the right tools that can efficiently grow your Twitter influence. We recently discovered a web based platform that finds the right people for you to engage with so you become well known to your target market on Twitter.

In this webinar replay, Mike Polischuk, co-founder of, walks you through the essential features that help social media community managers efficiently find, connect and establish relationships with key influencers and potential customers.

Key Features & Benefits of

  • Analyzes who your supporters and influencers so you can engage/thank them and keep you top of mind
  • Review, follow and tweet your newest followers
  • Monitors the Twittersphere for key words and identify new potential influencers to follow and engage with
  • Recommends unfollows

software to grow Twitter influence

Community Management in 20 Minutes = Grow Your Twitter Influence

Here are Mike’s 6 Steps to growing your Influence on Twitter using

Step 1: : Make sure you are on top of your core community

  1. Go to influencers (/supporters / engaged members) list
  2. Share the love with your recent influencers – show appreciation and build deeper relationship, and if you are short on time, this is a quick way to acknowledge them
  3. Make sure you follow all of them
  4. Send a dm “Happy to follow back!” to at least a couple of them, to let them know, you you started following, otherwise, they miss this
  5. Go over “unreplied statuses”, see if you can quickly cultivate relationship. Examples: “Thanx for the retweet”, “Happy to engage 🙂 “..

Outcome: you have (0) in all lists counts – this is your indication you took care of your “High-value members” – the people that drive your community

Step 2: Balance your followers/following ratio – improve your “influence perception”

Unfollow all people in “Consider to Unfollow” list.

If you see you had 0 engagements – unfollow right away If you had few engagements –  either engage him (which will remove him from the list), or “hide” him (which will also remove him from list, without unfollowing him)

Outcome: Consider to Unfollow list has (0) items. Now you are ready to follow more people

Step 3: Follow the Right People

Follow 5-10 people in your Consider to Follow list

Step 4: Thank your top new followers

  1. Go to “New Followers” list
  2. Sort them by “Highest Rating”
  3. Follow the top 3-5
  4. “Say Hi” to top new followers

 Outcome: you have (0) in New Followers list

Step 5: Connect with likeminded people and potential clients

  1. Go to “Discover New Leads” section and make sure you monitor at least 1 keyword relevant for your industry (for it’s “community management”)
  2. Click on a list
  3. Sort it by “Highest Rating”
  4. Follow the top 3-5
  5. “Say Hi” to your top leads

 Step 6: Show your passion for your community (optional)

Go to Advanced -> Activity Report -> Share with your Community

Outcome: Everybody you followed / engaged with recently will see this, and it will position you as a professional that wants to build relationships

 What are your best community management tactics for growing Twitter influence and how can you see using to help you?

Let us know in the comments below.


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