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How Chili’s Rewards their Facebook Fans

Facebook fans are a largely untapped resource. Here’s how one big chain does it right.

Rewarding customers, new signups, or fans is an often overlooked marketing tool. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a milestone in your business or in the life of your customers, don’t pass up the chance to celebrate.

Chili’s restaurant reached a big milestone recently when they got their 1 millionth fan on Facebook. They singled out their biggest fan named Pam and then they really showed the love. And of course, they sent out a press release to let everyone know about their plans.

Pam was given a lot of great perks which sent a clear message to everyone that Chili’s values their fans.

Here’s what Chili’s gave Pam:

  • Free Chili’s food for a year
  • An iPad 2
  • A trip to company headquarters in Dallas, along with a party in her honor
  • A big welcome – a limo picked up Pam and her husband who were greeted with cheers and posters that said, “We ‘Like’ you too”
  • Samples of top-secret menu items in the brand’s test kitchen

The company made sure to tweet about the whole thing with hashtag #ChilisLIKESYouToo

Pam wasn’t the only one who was rewarded – all of Chili’s fans got a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert on their Facebook page. This type of celebration says thank you and encourages people to become even bigger fans of your brand. Recognition and involvement are ways to help your fans feel valued.

More examples of rewarding Facebook fans:

  • Porsche makes a limited edition car featuring the signatures of their fans
  • This sports team gave out t-shirts and gift certificates
  • Disney creates a video with a history and facts from their Facebook page (hopefully they did more than that!)
  • Bon Jovi celebrated his 10 millionth Facebook fan mark with a photo contest where fans could win a banner (not too motivating)

Some of these examples are more brand-focused than fan-focused. While your business might not have the resources or numbers for a big elaborate celebration, get creative. Find ways to celebrate and involve your fans and followers on social media.

What have you done to make your fans or followers feel like you really like them? Please share in the comments.

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