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How To Increase Your Facebook Fans by 50k in 10 Hours

As social media is constantly changing, so is the way businesses interact with their customers online.

The Facebook fan page has become a very important channel to increase engagement and loyalty.  And let’s be honest, brands love showing off their number of fans. It has become the Klout score for businesses, together with the Twitter followers of course.

However, Facebook is a lot more flexible in terms of communication. We have all seen our news feed flooded by friends participating in sweepstakes  or have done so ourselves. Why not? It takes usually less than a minute and keeps our spirits high for a few hours while we daydream about this amazing holiday package to the Maldives or a free flight to Tokyo, or the latest Cannon camera…  And we actually get obsessed and start inviting our friends in order to increase our chances to win. So how does this translate into benefits for the brand?

The key is to engage the fan base and have a compelling reason for them to spread the word. Read about how one small airline in Spain acquired 10,000 fans in 10 hours. This is absolutely brilliant.

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