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How To Increase Your Klout Score

Try and get a bunch of +K’s and get others to mention you organically to raise your Klout score and you’ll get tired very  quickly. Social Buzz Club’s content syndication engine is a great way to help yourself and others’ Klout scores raised.

Raise Your Klout Score with Social Buzz Club

This video covers the step by step process you can take using Social Buzz Club premium features to increase the score you have on Klout.


Here’s the graph of my Klout score that jumped up by using this technique and has stayed up as a result of continuing the process.

Klout score graph

Be sure to get your premium membership today and we’ll start getting the word out about you for you and help you raise your Klout score too.

In the Social Buzz Club learning center (available to Basic and Premium Members), we have available a robust webinar done by Klout’s VP of Marketing Megan Berry who teaches us how to use Klout and understand their metrics. Megan was our guest on Social Buzz U where she shares how Klout measures influence.

How have you raised your Klout score?


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