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I Have A LinkedIn Profile, Now What? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Reprinted with Permission from Melonie Dodaro (

The last infographic I shared about LinkedIn showed you how to create the perfect profile but you may have been left wondering what comes next. I like to give practical, methodical tips that can easily and quickly be put into action so I took that as a challenge to give you the next step in your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

A great profile can help attract prospects to you but business often requires you to be more proactive then that, so it’s important to establish a lead generation system. You’ve made this fancy LinkedIn profile, it’s about time you put it to good use!

LinkedIn Marketing: Creating Opportunities

LinkedIn isn’t a place for chatting about the weather; it’s a place to do business. Think of it as a cocktail party for a giant business conference where every room is a different targeted niche to interact and build relationships with.

When building this new infographic I wanted to think of an easy way to remember the key steps to LinkedIn marketing and lead generation. My solution?

Meet the four E’s of LinkedIn marketing success:

  1. Explore Opportunities
  2. Expand Network
  3. Engage Connections
  4. Establish Relationships

I swear by this method and it is the foundation to the exact same LinkedIn marketing strategy I implement for my clients and for my own business.  This exact strategy continues to generate more than 70% of my business and a network of over 20,000 connections. The best part is that this is not rocket science and anyone can do it!

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LinkedIn Marketing Infographic: Generating Leads Online

linkedin marketing strategy

Thanks so much for checking out our LinkedIn marketing infographic. Do you have any questions or an idea you would like to see in our next infographic?  Leave a message in the comments below.

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