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Podcasting Principles

Podcasting Principle 1: The Right Strategy

As with building your business – there’s a right way AND a not so right way when you’re starting a podcast.

Especially if you’re a business who wants to build your reach, your reputation as a trusted authority in your field, and your revenue by being able to nurture listeners into leads, enquires and customers from your very first episode.

Where do you start? And, what’s the right strategy?

It’s the strategy that starts with the end in mind.

Which includes your message and how you’re going to monetize your podcast.

Are you clear on the following?

  • Your Reach: specifically who IS your IDEAL CLIENT?
  • Your Reputation: are you clear on the message that speaks directly to your ideal client and a message that’s distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible – positioning you as THE go-to person in your field?
  • Your Revenue: including your program/offering, along with your seed and lead strategy to nurture your listener along the buyer’s journey. Taking them from ‘not knowing you’ to becoming aware of you, right through to ‘realizing they NEED your services’.

If not – start here.

Podcasting Principle 2: Create Fans NOT followers

“How do I grow my followers?” “How do I increase my downloads?” “How do I increase my subscribers?” are questions I’m often asked.

You create a niche community of your ideal clients who love what you stand for and what you do.

Continue to create interesting, informative and inspiring content you know they’ll love and appreciate.

And, do that with each and every episode.

Because focusing on building a massive audience of followers (anyone and everyone) is pointless, as they’re highly unlikely to become a client.

Instead, build a highly niched audience and community because they’re far more engaged AND when they’re ready – will step forward.

General followers (i.e. anyone and everyone) won’t.

Podcasting Principle 3: Focus on building Reputation Equity NOT Vanity numbers

From being asked the common question: ‘How do I get my podcast ranked on Apple Podcast’s New & Noteworthy?’

Through to being pitched by podcast promotion companies who for a fee will help me ‘hack’ my podcast subscriber number to secure the coveted ‘Apple’s New & Noteworthy’ ranking.

It’s not happening.

Because I’m not focusing on vanity numbers that at the end of the day, mean nothing.

Rather, I’m focusing on building my reputation equity, my promise of value, my promise of expectation by creating content I know my audience will love and benefit from.

And, for specialists who are looking to become the trusted authority in your industry with their podcast – I’d suggest you focus on that too.

Because when you continue to share compelling content that positions you in a category of ONE and your message speaks to and influences your audience of one, that one becomes two, becomes four, eight, sixteen. You get the picture.

And before you know it, you’ll have a podcast that continues to nurture listeners into leads, enquiries and ultimately paying customers from your very first episode (IF you implement Podcasting Principle 7)

Podcasting Principle 4: Message BEFORE Microphone

So many businesses mistakenly think that getting the best microphone will enable them to create a successful podcast.

It won’t.

Because if your message isn’t already working and generating interest and clients with the marketing you’re doing already – you’re NOT ready to start a podcast, yet.

Because your podcast will only amplify your existing ‘ineffective’ message.

And, you can’t edit and mix compelling content that converts listeners into leads from fluff and banter.

Even if it was recorded on the most expensive microphone.

You just can’t.


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Podcasting Principle 5: Compelling Communication Techniques

Your voice has the ability to engage, educate and entice those people who area ready to take that next step – to take that next step.

There’s something powerful about spending time sharing your heartfelt message with someone as you continue to build that all important ’know, like and trust’.

However, as adults we can often be skeptical when it comes to learning new information. Along with trusting the person who is sharing that information.

Along with the fact that we bring our own biases, concerns and (unhelpful) beliefs to the conversation.

So, by learning compelling communication techniques you can build rapport, and ‘know, like and trust’ while nurturing your listener strategically along the buyers journey.

And, with a strategically placed call to action, your ideal will make that move and take that action, when they’re ready.

You just need to learn WHEN and HOW.

Podcasting Principle 6: Distinguishable Experience

Are you able to clearly define:

  • Your 3-5 Core ‘Experience’ Values?
  • Any quirky characteristics?
  • What makes YOU unique?
  • How you would like to influence others to feel and be in your company?

These are just a few things to consider when created a uniquely distinguishable (and uncopyable) experience that only you bring to your podcast.

Define it. Then BE it.

On every single episode.

Podcasting Principle 7: Robust List Building Strategy

Subscribe to my podcast. Leave a rating. Give me your feedback, are all typical calls to action.

And, while there’s nothing wrong with them – if they are the ONLY call to action on your podcast – it’s a missed opportunity.

Getting your listener OFF your podcast and onto your list.

That should be your priority.

Which is why we encourage all of our clients to develop a special 3-part Podcast Series, which becomes the first 3 episodes of their podcast, and their lead generation opt in, so they can begin nurturing listeners into leads, enquiries and ultimately paying customers from their very first episode.

And that’s what’s shared on every single episode following and is the call to action you remind people of not only from your own podcast, but also every single podcast you’re interviewed on and other media interviews.

Even when you’re speaking from stage – get people onto your list with your podcast series opt in.

That’s your robust list building strategy for your podcast.

That’s #PodcastingWithPurpose


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