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Posting Guidelines for Charter Members

Just a few tips to help you look as amazing as possible!

As you know, as a Charter Member, you have made a commitment to supply at least SIX blog posts per year. You’re welcome to do them all at once, if you wish! We suggest, if you’re going to do that, that you use the publishing schedule to spread them out a bit. (Click on “Calendar” under POSTS to see what’s scheduled when.)

Notes about your Author Profile:

Please edit your Author Profile (this is different from your Social Buzz Club profile), as this will appear at the bottom of every blog post you submit. You can change it as often as you like, but it will change on all your posts, past & present, not just going forward from the change date. We suggest 50 words or so… not too long, but certainly tell everyone about what you do and for whom!

We strongly recommend you also add your twitter, facebook, and Google+ URLs, as these will also appear as live links in your author profile, and help you gain followers & fans.

You can [intlink id=”826″ type=”page”]edit your profile by clicking here[/intlink].

We have a few simple post guidelines we’d like you to follow.

This will help us keep a consistent style and format. Please note, ALL posts are automatically set to “pending” status for admin to publish.

  • Use a graphic, left-aligned, at the top of your post – something that relates to the post, of course. Something bright or humorous is always good!
  • Use BOTH a catchy title AND a good first headline (format H2)
  • Standard typography is only ONE SPACE after punctuation. Pretty please 😀
  • Preferably, your post will have a couple short, engaging paragraphs or lead-in’s before the “meat” of the article. Please use the ‘more’ function after those, and before the “valuable content”. The “more” function is in the top row of tools in the editor, to the right of the LINK icons. ([intlink id=”7″ type=”page”]Take a look at the \”blog\” page[/intlink], to see what the intros are looking like, then look at a few published posts to get the idea.)
  • H2 looks like this

    H3 looks like this

    H4 looks like this

    Use h2, h3 & h4 formatting for headings within your article, and try to have a keyword or two in those. (Your title will always be h1, and should be the ONLY h1 on the page.)

  • Your post should be AT LEAST 400 words… more is better! If you have a really long post, you can add page breaks with the icon beside the “more” icon. This will automatically break your post into pages with navigation links at the bottom of each page.
  • Close with a good summary and a call for comments or ideas!
  • Remember to set your categories & tags – tags can be different from your focus keyword. If you don’t see a category that fits, let us know and we’ll add it!
  • If you can, optimize your post with the help of the SEO tools below the editing window. Sometimes this can take a bit of time, so it’s not mandatory – but we may go back in and do a little tweaking later.

We look forward to reading your posts!

If you require any assistance with submitting your posts or managing your profile, do not hesitate to contact our Member Services Manager, Kera ( – she’ll be happy to give you a hand.

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