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Let us buzz for you and get you the greatest visibility. We have two great opportunities to amplify your influence.

Big Buzz

“Big buzz” is a way to pay for us to submit buzz for you into the Social Buzz Club. These buzz typically get 3 to 10 times the amount of shares. Caveat being that they direct people to content that is valuable and informative vs. a sales page. Members are incentivized to share the big buzz. Members receive 2 points for every network account they share it to. The Big Buzz go into the main feed and are highlighted with a red border and special icon notifying members of the added reward they receive for sharing it. 

Our Brand Big Buzz Package includes up to 10 Big Buzzes for sharing distributed over 2 months – includes buzz copy writing. We guarantee that this Buzz will be shared into a minimum of 5 relevant and highly populated LinkedIn groups in addition to what the influencer network shares on their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles, pages and groups. Plus you also receive a featured blog post. You write it and we feature it as a guest blog post on the Social Buzz Club blog with links back to the brand’s blog/website.  The buzz will be available to members for sharing for 30 days or if it is evergreen content up to 1 year. A specific expiration date can alternatively be selected. This 2 month advertising package is only $495.

Big Buzz Package: Add to Cart

Premium Buzz

“Premium buzz” remains at the top of the buzz feed for 3, 5, or 7 days. You give us the link, Tweet, Facebook post and LinkedIn update and we’ll give it premium exposure.

A recent premium buzz got over 100 shares to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn combined. The link got close to 300 clicks to their website. If you’ve got engaging content, we would love to get you enhanced sharing and click activity.

Premium Buzz that stays at the top of the buzz feed are available for

3 Days for $97  Add to Cart
5 Days for $147 Add to Cart
7 days for $197 Add to Cart 

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