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Because of the special relationship we have, I’d like to invite you to become an SBC Ambassador.  social buzz club ambassador laura rubinstein

As an Ambassador you will receive a FREE Premium Social Buzz Club account and the opportunity to win free credits for every referred new member. Furthermore, you will be featured to the entire community and online in several ways. 

Ambassador Benefits

In addition to free Social Buzz Club access, Ambassadors receive these benefits and rewards:

  1. We will feature you and your live masterclass/webinar on Social Buzz U. This includes:
    1. THREE solo email blasts to our list
    2. Premium Buzz promotion of the webinar
    3. Lots of social media about your class to the Social Buzz Club channels
  2. Every time you refer a paying member you get 20 credits into your account.
    That means you can submit 4 buzz into the feed for sharing by members 
  3. Ambassador Visibility to members… You may place a prize in our rewards store. You can offer complimentary strategy sessions, or a ticket to your next event. Our members will see your offer and can purchase it with their credits
  4. TOP PROMOTER of the month gets Sidebar clickable graphic on the Buzz Now page (link back to your lead generating offer). Hundreds of FREE impressions every week for your brand.
  5. 1 year FREE Social Buzz Club membership
  6. 20% commission for each referred member


Start today and get a First Month Commission Ambassador Increase. When you sign up 5 or more new members in the first 30 days, you earn double the commission (total of 40%) for them.

BONUS: Ambassadors ONLY receive a coupon code to gift their list with a free 14 day trial to offer their list. Nobody else gets this.

Here’s how the Ambassador Program works:

  1. Accept the invitation by entering your name and email on the form below and then sign-up for an affiliate account  in our NEW (as of 2018) affiliate system (if you don’t already have one).
  2. You’ll then be able to access your affiliate link and marketing materials to share with your list/clients/community to promote the buzz club.
  3. Start promoting your affiliation 
    1. Send out social media posts
    2. Include a blurb in your next email to your list or send solo email
    3. Mention your link to your clients and community

You in? Say yes to this exclusive invitation and we’ll help your tribe to thrive!