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Secrets To Social Media Influence


Social Buzz U offers free LIVE trainings monthly ...
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“After one month of membership in the Social Buzz Club, I’m hooked. Not only have I seen a significant increase in traffic to my blog, engagement in the form of commenting and social sharing has gone up too. Exposure on Twitter and Facebook specifically has increased by approximately 70%... The Social Buzz Club has become an important tool for increasing my online visibility and creating more opportunities for my business.”

Denise Wakeman

Online Visibility Expert

"I knew that joining Social Buzz Club would improve my website traffic rate but I was not prepared to see an increase of 1600%!  I was amazed!  Submitting my buzz to Social Buzz Club meant it would be shared by other members, and therefore links to my website were placed in front of many different eyes than just those of my own followers.  I believe that participation in Social Buzz Club is a necessity for any small business owner who wants to grow their online presence."


Shelley Webb

On The Webb Social Media

“When you take a great idea and execute it flawlessly, everyone wins.  In this case, the folks at Social Buzz Club have built a wonderful system that takes the best aspects of social media and combine it with excellent content.  The result is a tremendous way to expand your brand and spread your message to an audience who appreciates your content.  Social Buzz Club definitely lives up to their mission of ‘success through collaboration.’  It’s a generous community of people supporting each other.  SBC is a great way to share other’s relevant content, and to make sure your own message doesn’t get lost in the social media noise.”


Lou Bortone

Video Marketing Strategist

"Social Buzz Club Helped Me Get One of My Posts Tweeted By A Prominent Twitter Account With 300,000+ twitter followers. Recently, I paid for Premium Buzz and had over 50 influencers tweeting the link and I broke 3000+ views/day on my YouTube video. Woot!"

Scott Bradley

Productivity and Evernote Expert

Social Buzz U offers free LIVE trainings monthly ...