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Social Buzz Club: The Tribe for Visibility and More Blog Traffic

Members are raving about the results they are getting from Social Buzz Club!

Nothing feels quite as good as when your friends give you a little public praise. It makes US feel so good that we want to share! Thanks, friends!

Chris Voss, technology enthusiast at the  is particularly enthused about our weekly webinars at Social Buzz U, how simple & flexible SBC is to use and the stats you can access. He’s created a pretty amazing video that walks you through the entire system! (Thanks, Chris!) 

More Influencers Rave About Social Buzz Club

Our member, Tai Goodwin, was so excited about using Social Buzz Club she featured our platform in her recent video on how to get more traffic to your blog.

Kristy Schnabel, of It’s Virtually Done, LLC, says “I was very pleased by the level of shares that my ‘buzz’ received, and I’m excited about the traf­fic that it is bring­ing to my web­site.” She published a blog post and a video too! Find it here.

Scott Bradley, of, said, “Social Buzz Club Helped Me Get One of My Posts Tweeted By A Prominent Twitter Account With 300,000+ twitter followers.” Woot!

Donna Merrill, ( social marketer, has been a member for nearly a year, and loves how much there is to learn, and how easy it is to share.


What’s your experience with Social Buzz Club? Share below!

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