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“After one month of membership in the Social Buzz Club, I’m hooked. Not only have I seen a significant increase in traffic to my blog, engagement in the form of commenting and social sharing has gone up too. Exposure on twitter and Facebook specifically has increased by approximately 70%. In addition to getting my content in front of new audiences, a benefit I didn’t anticipate is the connection with the savvy professionals who are producing top quality content that I can share with my own community. It’s a win all the way around. The Social Buzz Club has become an important tool for increasing my online visibility and creating more opportunities for my business.”
~ Denise Wakeman, Online Visibility Expert,

“When you take a great idea and execute it flawlessly, everyone wins.  In this case, the folks at Social Buzz Club have built a wonderful system that takes the best aspects of social media and combine it with excellent content.  The result is a tremendous way to expand your brand and spread your message to an audience who appreciates your content.  Social Buzz Club definitely lives up to their mission of ‘success through collaboration.’  It’s a generous community of people supporting each other.  SBC is a great way to share other’s relevant content, and to make sure your own message doesn’t get lost in the social media noise.”
~ Lou Bortone, Video Marketing Strategist

“This brand new social media tool is the bomb! Since joining the Social Buzz Club only a few weeks ago, my blog visibility has already increased by 20% and my Twitter followers by 10%. I receive comments and connect with new colleagues on LinkedIn and Facebook, daily. The sharing of content by this diverse and knowledgeable membership is invaluable to entrepreneurs and bloggers!”

~Susan Newman, President, Susan Newman Design Inc.

 I knew that joining Social Buzz Club would improve my website traffic rate but I was not prepared to see an increase of 1608% !  I was amazed!  Submitting my buzz to Social Buzz Club meant it would be shared by other members, and therefore links to my website were placed in front of many different eyes than just those of my own followers.  I believe that participation in Social Buzz Club is a necessity for any small business owner who wants to grow their online presence.

~ Shelley Webb, On The Webb Social Media

“Since I started using Social Buzz Club, I’ve seen a 62% increase in click-throughs on links to my website and a ton more visibility… and that’s with only the tiny ‘test member’ group. I can’t wait to see what this will do at full capacity! Thank you Kathryn and Laura!”
~Payson Cooper –



Tom Treanor Online Marketing for Small BusinessI’ve been a member of the Social Buzz Club for five months (both as a free and paid member). I’d have to say that I’m completely hooked on this system and I see it as an incredible value with great ROI. The obvious benefit is that your content get much larger distribution than you could possibly get alone, often by people who have a lot of online authority. You also get access to great content to share with your audiences on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Digg.

The not so obvious benefits are that you have a chance to showcase your writing (or video or other) talents in front of a whole new set of great people, and you have the opportunity to establish real relationships with them. This has been a really great, but unexpected part of the whole experience. Lastly, one requirement for me in any system is that I have a choice about what to share and, unlike other systems, the Social Buzz Club is all about choice. Thanks Kathryn and Laura!
~ Tom Treanor, Right Mix Marketing Inc.

Scott BradleySocial Buzz Club Helped Me Get One of My Posts Tweeted By A Prominent Twitter Account With 300,000+ twitter followers.

Recently, I paid for Premium Buzz and had over 50 influencers tweeting the link and I broke 3000+ views/day on my YouTube video. Woot! ~ Scott Bradley, Productivity and Evernote Expert



Amy Porterfield endorses Social Buzz ClubSocial Buzz Club does an excellent job of kickstarting my viral exposure each time I write a new post. Shortly after publishing my posts, I buzz them, and almost instantly people start sharing my content. In addition to creating viral exposure for the content on my blog, I’ve also found it to be a great way to promote my webinars. It’s nice to know I have a network of like-minded peers who are eager to share my content with their fans and followers. In addition, the tool is easy to use and took no time at all to learn, which is a huge plus in my book.
~Amy Porterfield, Author, Facebook Marketing For Dummies


Donna Merrill fan of content syndication site Social Buzz Club I love syndication because it has helped me attract such sincere relationships with clients and customers of my online business. Syndicating with others is such a perfect way to get to know each other on the social platforms. Other benefits I’ve found are a drastic jump in my Google rankings, and all the great things I learn from my peers when I visit their blogs.

I am a member of the Social Buzz Club because makes this kind of syndication so easy. There are tribes, groups and other social sites to meet people on, but since I have joined this group I have found a 30% visitor increase to my blog. That far exceeds the results I’ve had with other blogging alliances.

Social Buzz Club is not only for syndication, though. There are webinars and teaching modules in this group. When a newbie comes to me and asks how they can get recognition for their blogs or articles, the first thing I do is to direct them to the Social Buzz Club. That’s where they can learn it all. Social Buzz Club is organized well and there are great built in instructions for all the how-to’s that anyone needs.  ~ Donna Merrill

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