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Create a Super High Level of Conversion with Less Effort Using This Tribe Marketing System

As Social Media sites and related systems evolve one thing is clear, businesses must stand out online in order to attract their customers.

“It’s not who you know, but who knows you.” – Mitch Joel, Twist Marketing

When you create quality content and want to spread the word fast, this is a must… Having a tribe of influencers will get you connected quickly to leaders and build your reputation will bring you the visibility that generates customers.

Have you spent countless hours trying to get noticed on the social networks? Has overwhelm kept you from moving forward?

Today, we are making it easy for you to thrive online: 

You Can’t Afford To Spin Your Wheels On Social Media
You Must Stand Out & Become Known As A Person Of Influence.

  • Facebook users alone post more than 30 billion pieces of content monthly. How often are they posting about YOU?
  • Social Media is the #1 activity on the Web
  • 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. Only 14% trust advertisements.
  • There are more than 3.5 billion pieces of content shared each week on Facebook. (Hubspot)
  • 38% of CEOs label social media a high priority, and 57% of businesses plan to hike their social media spend in 2012 (TheSocialSkinny)

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When you take a great idea and execute it flawlessly, everyone wins. In this case, the folks at Social Buzz Club have built a wonderful system that takes the best aspects of social media and combine it with excellent content. The result is a tremendous way to expand your brand and spread your message to an audience who appreciates your content. Social Buzz Club definitely lives up to their mission of ‘success through collaboration.’ It’s a generous community of people supporting each other. Social Buzz Club is a great way to share other’s relevant content, and to make sure your own message doesn’t get lost in the social media noise.” ~ Lou Bortone, Video Marketing Strategist

Tribe Marketing & Content Syndication is an incredible way to generate leads when joined with social networking sites

  • Did you know that 4 out of 5 internet users visit social networks and blogs like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social Media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. The potential to attract your perfect clients is unlimited.
  • With a tribe of your very own marketers, you can explode your visibility to your target audience and capitalize on profits.

Here’s what a having your very own tribe of social media influencers will do for you

  • Instantly have a huge network of social media networkers buzzing about you.
  • Develop a massive flow of highly targeted leads to your website.
  • Increase your Klout score. Tweets last up to 67 times longer for users with higher Klout scores. (Mashable)
  • Extend the longevity of the visibility of your content on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Highlight you and your content on social networks with social endorsements and shares.
  • Access to high quality content from hundreds key industry leaders.
  • Position you as the “go to” expert who shares quality relevant information.
  • Get testimonials and endorsements with social proof.
  • Receive high level Support for your fan pages, social media questions, and business development.

“I can’t remember how I found out about the Social Buzz Club but I’m glad I did! I signed up and began enjoying the benefits of membership immediately. Traffic to my website increased by 1608 %!!” ~Shelley Webb, Social Media Consultant


Imagine what all the new traffic, opt-ins and sales will do for your business.


The HOTTEST Community For Driving A Consistent Stream of Targeted Traffic To Your Website

Here’s how your Social Buzz Club PREMIUM Membership will transform your business:

  • Instant network of social media influencers who will tweet and sharing your posts on their Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts. This is how we get traffic to your websites and grow your Klout score too! 
  • Access to high quality content from hundreds key industry leaders. You’ll become known as the “go to” expert who shares quality relevant information.
  • Earn points FAST so you can submit more of valuable content with the unlimited sharing features of the Premium 
  • Share to unlimited Facebook Fan Pages that you admin, 
  • Ability to request social bookmarking on Digg and StumbleUpon of your pages
  • Category/niche search for content
  • Complete online marketing and professional business Learning Center and webinar series
  • Forum to connect with major networkers
  • Weekly expert social media, marketing and business training webinars (Social Buzz U)

For less than the price of a latte a week, you can get more traffic, more influence and more profits!


“Since I started using Social Buzz Club, I’ve seen a 62% increase in click-throughs on links to my website and a ton more visibility… and that’s with only the tiny ‘test member’ group. I can’t wait to see what this will do at full capacity! Thank you Kathryn and Laura!” ~Payson Cooper



How To Multiply the Traffic To Your Blog, Exponentially Increase Your Retweets and Get More Clients Now with Social Buzz Club Premium

These four simple steps will easily boost your visibility on the social networks and create your steady stream of ideal audience notice you and want more from you. You’ll love watching number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers rise automatically.

Step 1 You connect to a network of our Social Media influencers

Simply by being a Premium Social Buzz Club member you now can access some of the social web’s most influential leaders content and share it with your audience instantly. Being in contact with the who’s who online will help boost your credibility to your audiences and positions you for a substantial increase in quality leads coming your way.

Step 2 You’ll have a secret weapon for building your credibility

With unlimited access to the boat loads of quality content from influencers to share and stand out, you’ll quickly grow your status with the Social Buzz Club sharing engine that allows you to tweet, post to Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and your profiles. Imagine how resourceful you become to your audiences.

Step 3 You’ll discover the easiest system to get explosive visibility and engagement with your target audience

This simple system will get your content massively tweeted, shared on Facebook, and LinkedIn by other social media savvy users with networks on average of 5,000 or more followers, fans and connections. Those very same influencers and other members share your content literally dragging your ideal audience to your business

Step 4 Cash in on the profits from the quality traffic that you are receiving

If you’re like us, you have valuable information like blog posts, white papers, articles, downloadable reports, video tutorials, contests, and you’ve tried tweeting and posting your free offers on Facebook, only to have your posts and tweets get lost in the noise. With the visibility of a super connector paired with your amazing offers, your traffic is primed and ready to opt-in to your list and ultimately buy. You’ll also have access to the expert business learning center to stay on top of best marketing practices, honing your products and services and delivering content in new, innovative and effective ways. All that means more sales to you and cash in your pocket.

This system was developed by two of social media’s most sought after strategists who have generated a massive following for entrepreneurs to large corporate entities.

Social Buzz Club Is Your Secret Weapon to Getting The Status of A Super Connector along with The Traffic and Profits You Deserve

When it comes to social media influence, you need a tribe that works for you. As the social networks evolve, it is more and more important to stand out. The ROI of social media marketing is that your business will exist in 5 years. Businesses who don’t make it on social media are faltering overall.

Meet Kat & Laura, your New Social Media Personal Success Experts

Kathryn Rose and Laura Rubinstein have teamed up to give rising bloggers, business owners, entrepreneurs the EDGE on the social networks. They’ve done it for their clients and now they’ve created a collaborative system that allows you to shine.

Kathryn Rose is the author of 7 social media books and a Social Media speaker and trainer. She recently received the 2012 Social Media Book award. In her twenty year sales and marketing career, Kathryn has become a specialist in increasing sales through collaborative strategies. As a Vice President of Sales at the Wall Street firm, Credit Suisse, she built a referral network that helped her increase sales to over $100m per year. She also created CT’s first cable television cooperative marketing alliance, as well as the Arts Marketing cooperative, which helped these clients with limited marketing budgets achieve economies of scale

Laura Rubinstein has more than twenty years of marketing consulting experience. Her creative relationship building tactics, innovative and elegant strategies make her a highly sought after professional. She developed richly rewarding social media marketing plans for celebrities, thought leaders, small business owners, MLM marketing gurus and corporations like American Express Cruise planners. She regularly teaches the Social Media Blast Off Course for entrepreneurs and has raving fans around the world.

Inside the Club You’ll Discover

Social Buzz Club Engine and Point System

This proprietary member online software that contains the Buzz Feed of curated content offered by members, Buzz Scheduler that allows you to schedule your posts in advance saving you time, and Quick Start Training videos that show you how to use the engine.

Every time you share other’s content you earn points. Simply by posting other members content to your social networks, you’ll accumulate these valuable points. To submit your buzz to the Buzz Feed, you’ll redeem the points you’ve earned by sharing.

Premium members submit content faster because Premium members only need to accumulate 5 points to submit a buzz of your own.

Imagine becoming known as a resource for relevant quality information.

Unlimited Facebook Sharing

Premium members earn points fast. In addition to sharing content to your personal profile Premium members can

Imagine the massive content you can be contributing quickly and you’ll be handsomely rewarded for it!

Unlimited Facebook Sharing is your key to becoming a hero to your audiences and standing out to super influencers.

Unlimited Twitter Sharing

The fastest way to earn points and get your content submitted to the Buzz Feed is to spread other’s content to as many Twitter accounts as you manage. Premium Members only get the ability to share buzz to more than one account. That means more of YOUR buzz gets shared by all members.

Unlimited LinkedIn Group Sharing

In addition to sharing to your LinkedIn personal profile, Premium Members can effortlessly share to LinkedIn Groups.

That’s an easy way to be active on your LinkedIn Groups and get points rapidly and get more of your content buzzed.

YOUR Featured Blog Post

That’s right we’ll give you backlinks from our blog. To grow your visibility and traffic we will post and optimize a blog post that you author on our public blog. Our website consistently ranks very high on Alexa and Google. We will link back to your site, place a photo of you on the blog and buzz out the blog on the Social Buzz Club social networks. That’s an instant reach of over 2 million users. We will feature blog posts twice a year for our Premium members.

Social Buzz U – 24/7 Business Learning Center Access

Imagine the success you can have with hundreds of hours of courses from the world’s leading experts in

  • Internet marketing strategies
  • Blog marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Article marketing
  • Book Publishing
  • Copywriting and branding
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Running Successful Facebook Contests
  • Twitter Strategies
  • LinkedIn Strategies
  • Pinterest for Business
  • Google+ Goldmine
  • Mindset Secrets for Outrageous Business Growth

Many of these experts offer free downloads and profit building strategies at no extra cost. Normally, you would pay thousands of dollars for this kind of information. Every week a new high-content training session is added to the library.

If you’re an expert, you may also have an opportunity to contribute as well.

Trainings already in our library for you include experts like Mari Smith, Lou Bortone, Amy Porterfield, Eric Yaverbaum, Pam Brossman, Chris Treadaway, Nick Unsworth, and tons more. You don’t have to hire them. The information is already accessible here.


This community is for you!

You’re a Blogger

You have a blog with engaging information. You’ve recently started your blog or you’ve been at it for a while and are looking for more exposure, traffic and subscribers. You want to have more people tweeting, and sharing to Facebook and LinkedIn about your latest blog posts.

You’re a Marketer

You work for a business or are the social media manager for a company. You want to have a community of people getting the word out about your company, products, and value added information so you can increase your company’s bottom line.

You’re an Entrepreneur

You have a business and want to substantially grow your reputation, leads, and sales. You want to know the who’s who, get the latest training on how to maximize your results on social media and drive more traffic to your website.

You’re a Business Owner

You’ve got a designated social media person and you want to make sure their efforts pay off. You now have the platform for your social team to use and give your business the edge online. If you’re ready to hand over your social media to a team that is experienced and makes social media work for you, we’ve got the experts on hand ready to serve you.

You’re New To Social Media

You’ve wanted to know the most efficient way to spend your time on social media and get more visibility, build a profitable reputation and grow your bottom line. We’ve made it simple and give you the community that will help you thrive.

MORE: You’re About To Receive $975 in Extra Goodies

Bonus #1: Blogging Content Calendar
You want to make sure you have great content, plan for it. This invaluable tool will help you keep on top of your blog so Social Buzz Club members can keep buzzing about you.

Bonus #2: Influence Expansion Membership
Charter Member, Lena West has partnered with Social Buzz Club to offer our members access to her InfluenceExpansion program of social media training FREE exclusively to Social Buzz Club members.

Bonus #3: 10 Keys To Getting Facebook Buzz Action Guide
If you want to know how the super connectors think and behave on social media, this guide will show you the insider secrets to building your reputation and getting more engagement on Facebook.

Bonus #4: Lifetime access at this introductory rate
This offer will not be around forever. We are building our buzz, reputation and will need to increase rates soon. So Join Today and benefit big time.

Bonus #5: Extra Buzz
When you act now on this SPECIAL Premium Membership Offer, you will receive additional points in your account to be able to submit your buzz even faster. Earn your first 5 points by joining today.

Bonus #6: Facebook Members Only Group – Get Likes Forum
When you really want to stand out,you’ll engage with the leaders on this Members Only Exclusive Facebook Group where you’ll get more buzz, strategic tips on social media, Likes for your fan page and more. See the community in action here.

Our Risk Free Promise

We promise You’ll Love the Social Buzz Club… You’ll have access to Kathryn and Laura personally to make sure you get all the benefits. If you’re not satisfied after speaking with us within 30 days, you’ll get your membership fee back.

Keep the 10 Keys To Facebook Buzz Action Guide and Blogging Content Calendar as our gift.

Social Buzz Club Premium Membership


Join now and start amplifying your influence with the Social Buzz Club!