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The Easy Way To Get Leads, Clients, and Partners (before your book is published… or even finished being written)!

If you want to know how to get leads, clients, and partners before your book is published or even finished, then keep reading. (It’s all about standing out as a unique expert, authority, or thought leader.)

NOTE: even if you don’t have a book started, you can still take advantage of the things that you will learn. This will absolutely change your business and life (as it’s something that changed mine…

… like my client M., who got a 5-figure speaking gig (before the book was finished). Or my client A., who was paid to speak at Google, thanks to their book.

Here’s what you’re about to discover (so keep reading)!

  • Myths, beliefs, and misperceptions that keep most people from bringing their book to the world
  • The best ways to leverage your book to attract more clients, partners, speaking, coaching, and / or consulting
  • Making six figures (or more) without selling a single book
  • The biggest publishing mistakes that people make (and how to avoid them)
  • What it takes to get your book done 87% faster than how most folks teach it (and do it)
  • Enjoying the privilege & opportunity to take your stand and create (or amplify) a business & life you love!


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Just like anything you want, imagine your life with your book done (and/or leveraged).

  • First, you have a high-quality, published book — that’s bringing you leads, clients, and opportunities — and it instantly positions you as an expert in your market, industry, or field!
  • Second, you NEVER have to worry about competing for business ever again!
  • Third, you wake up every day with time-, money-, location-, and creative freedom, so you can share your message and make a difference.

How does that sound?

Now, you may be wondering… what kind of book?

The best kind of book is one that positions you as a unique expert, authority, or thought leader. It offers a nice balance of stories. And it focuses MUCH MORE on what’s possible for your reader (instead of burying them in information.

How do I know this?

Well, if we haven’t met before, I’m three-time, international, best selling author,  plus a podcast & international radio show host. I have 38 years of writing and publishing adventures, which includes launching the world’s biggest magazine (AARP).

I’ve trained more than 100 millionaires at Stanford and in Sydney after writing my book in 5 weeks. I created the first mindfulness program for The ALS Association (e.g. Lou Gehrig, Stephen Hawking). I also helped a Fortune 100 company create a mindfulness & empathy video game (with MIT) for 20,000+ global employees (for resilience & customer experience)

So much of that was thanks to getting my books done (fast) and leveraging them even before they were published (or even finished).

I was able to create those successes by debunking the myths about books and publishing.

The 6 Biggest Myths

Myth 1: “Writer’s block.”

Myth 2: “Alcohol, suffering, and misery.”  (You don’t need to suffer in any way.)

Myth 3: “My book won’t be unique.”

Myth 4: “You need to sell at least 20,000 books 
to make $100,000.” (Hint: you don’t have to sell any!)

Myth 5: “People will read your entire book.”

Myth 6: “Not enough time.”

Although I debunked the myths and created all sorts of successes, it wasn’t always like this.

After years of drugs, DJs, dancing, $50,000 of credit card debt, and emptying out my retirement account… I got my act together through meditation (and almost dying 4 times in 72 hours on a hike in the Himalayas).

From there, I made a commitment to help people who were making a difference in the world.

But it still took a minute or two. So after bumping around as an entrepreneur for almost 10 years, my book changed everything (like I said).

So instead of saying that you have to get it done, I would say that you have the privilege to get it done (and leverage it).

Because there are AT LEAST 24 ways to leverage your book.

  1. 1-on-1 coaching
  2. a year’s worth of content
  3. audiobook
  4. book series
  5. consistent messaging
  6. consulting
  7. custom book for a client
  8. evergreen course
  9. expert positioning
  10. give to leads
  11. group coaching
  12. keynote
  13. lead magnet
  14. licensing
  15. live course
  16. mentoring
  17. paid course
  18. part of package
  19. podcast
  20. program delivery
  21. sell at events
  22. speaking
  23. TV show
  24. workshop

Not only those, but you can charge 2X-5X-10X more for what you offer, thanks to your book.

But you need to avoid the 7 biggest mistakes.

#1 expert syndrome (don’t assume you know what your readers need without speaking to them

#2 just “writing” the book (dictation is your friend)

#3 not choosing the length of the book ahead of time

#4 waiting for the book to be finished / published before leveraging it

#5 “it’s just a book!” (nope, it’s also a spiritual journey)

#6  traditional publishing (99% of the time, it’s NOT the best choice for speakers, coaches, consultants, and small business owners)

#7 doing it alone

Again, imagine with your book done (and/or leveraged).

So here are 6 ways to leverage the “F” out of your book. (Don’t worry, F is for fabulous!)

  1. tell people that you’re the forthcoming author of a new book
  2. offer books to get speaking gigs
  3. market your book cover before you’re published
  4. speak to the humans (and don’t assume you know it all)
  5. pause and pay attention (get it done ASAP… but never rush)
  6. practice believing that you’re already done and getting leads, clients, and partners… all thanks to your book

Remember that your comfort zone and where the magic happens are just a few centimeters from each other.

And remember that other people are going to finish / leverage their book (and make an impact with their message.

Why not you?

That means that there’s just one thing to do.


(You got this.)

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