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The New Look of Facebook Groups

Overnight, Facebook has made yet another change.  The addition of a timeline-like cover photo for Facebook Groups.

You can either keep the default image which is a montage of members’ photos or change out the photo to that represents or brands your group.

To change out the image simply hover over the upper right corner of the photo montage and you will see a drop down box appear:




Design the “cover photo” you would like to display, this is a quick one I put together for the Social Buzz Club Facebook Group we are launching:

In terms of design, I have seen varied reports of dimensions since this is fairly new.  I used 600pixels wide x 160 pixels long but I have seen some estimations at 800 x 180.  It all depends on the graphics and design you will use. 

Once you have uploaded the image, you have the option to reposition the photo to get just the right look. Hover your mouse over the image again on the upper right side and click on the drop down box, then click on the pencil and you will see that you have the option to upload a new photo, reposition or remove the photo completely.




This new cover photo offers a great way to brand your group and/or reinforce the value proposition of why members should be a part of the group.

What do you think? Do you like the new design option?  Let us know.



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