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Timing is Everything

Timing is one of the most critical elements of running a successful business.  

Imagine making every business decision at the most favorable time or creating the right relationship at just the right time. 

Hallmark is not only the leader in timing, but has mastered how to tap into the emotional aspects of a particular time of year.  They create timely marketing messages in the form of a short movie that puts their customers in the holiday spirit and tugs at their heartstrings.  Through their commercials, they demonstrate how touched someone is when they are remembered with a Hallmark card.

Take some inspiration from the particular time of year to add value to your customer or client community regardless of your profession.  For example, last
year I wrote a blog article entitled, “Year End Checklist for Small Business.”  In it, I suggested what to add to your year-end checklist and what to consider as the new year begins.  I heard from many small business owners in my community who used the suggestions to round out the current year and begin thinking ahead about the upcoming year.  In several cases, they secured additional contracts and clients from implementing the suggestions I made.

Regardless of your profession, a particular time of year is an opportunity to touch base with your clients.  Here are some examples on how you can get your marketing messages out in a relevant way:

  • Chiropractors – create a top 10 checklist on how to maintain your health during the holidays. Tuck the checklist in with your clients’ holiday cards.  When they open your card, they will get a nice surprise.
  • Event Planners – write five short tips on setting a holiday table.  Send a tip a day to your community of followers on your social media.
  • Speakers – use YouTube to post a short video.  If you’re a speaker on customer service, record 10 ways to show your customers you appreciate them. 

If you write an article, remember to place it in one of the many article directories.  One of my favorites is  You can also repurpose your material and pitch your article of tips to one of the television stations for added free PR.  They love receiving timely tips for use in their segments.

Remember to plan ahead.   During the year, review the holidays or awareness months to plan out your messaging to your community of clients.  Profitable florists have done this for years, reminding their customers about the upcoming holidays, like
Valentine’s Day.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the cancer foundations have used it to educate women about getting their yearly mammograms.

Use the times of the year to position your marketing messages, add value to your community of followers, and get your message out in a relevant way.  When you implement these ideas, you’ll see how effective your marketing messages become and develop a reputation as the go-to expert.

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