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Timing Your Live Press Release

When posting your live press release, you can choose the time and day it goes live.

This is a great feature because you can easily plan ahead and schedule your SEO Online Press Release to go live automatically at the specified day and time. 

The best time to send out a press release depends on the industry and topic. In general we try to time it for the middle of the work week but the only way to really know is to test it.  

In most cases it’s more important to test headlines than it is to choose a particular day.

See which kinds of press releases perform best with your audience by analyzing which topics have  the highest number of clicks and interactions.

1) Choose 3-hour editorial review and publication. Our personal favorite PR service is  The Premium press release package there will allow you to have 3-hour editorial review and publication.  If you have any problems you should contact PRWeb directly on their 24-hour support line and ask for an editor. We have encountered problems with their web site before, and they helped us fix the problem and get our timely SEO Online Press Release out immediately.  

2) Publish during normal business hours. If you are writing professional news story, keep your distribution to normal business hours, selecting the most appropriate time zone. Eastern Standard Time zone, however, is recommended. is in Pacific Standard Time, but you should use Eastern Standard Time zone, Monday – Friday (morning).  

3) Best days for publication. Industry recommendations are to publish Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; however our experience has shown great success by publishing on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday.

4) “Positioning” release exceptions. If it’s a “positioning” press release, in which you want to “position” your company as an authority website or blog to reference, we recommend distributing on weekdays (Tuesday – Thursday). For example, the launch of a new product, service or website.

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