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Traditional Online Advertising Campaigns are Not Enough

We are Ponn Sabra & Janet Thaeler, founders of Our goal is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs increase their visibility using the online PR techniques we’ve used for ourselves and clients since 2005. SocialBuzzClub has graciously let us take over their blog as part of our six-week Blog Spark Summer Tour. We will share a few of our SEO and online PR tips with you, thanks SocialBuzzClub!

To make our posts exciting, we’re hosting a contest giveaway twice per week and will announce our winners on Friday. We will also have one grand prize winner at the end of the Blog Spark Tour from all the blogs involved. To learn more about our six-week tour and where we’ll be each week, check out our schedule.

SEO Online Press Releases (specifically, one $200 Press Release) are the most economical and efficient means of reaching your targeted client as compared to other online advertising campaigns, such as pay per click campaigns, banner or button ads, etc. Here’s why:

Benefits of SEO Online Press Releases over Online Advertising Campaigns

  • Natural search engine placement: SEO Online Press Releases results in natural search engine placement rather than “Sponsored Ads” placement which have better click through rates.
  • Cheaper: One-time $200 press releases are more effective than consistent online advertising campaign payments.
  • Faster, nearly immediate traffic effects: Once a SEO Online Press Release goes live, it is crawled by the search engines as opposed to the watch-and-wait online advertising placement options.
  • Life-long effect and increased search engine ranking abilities: One single SEO Online Press Release lives forever on the web with the ability for search engines to capture the content, images, and attachments multiple times for increased search engine ranking; while online advertising campaigns are good only the day(s) you pay for them to be live and posted, with no search engine ranking abilities.
  • The ability to increase your website/blog Google PageRank: The viral, social media, search engine abilities of the content, images and attachments of your SEO Online Press Releases are directly linked to your website/blog which refers targeted traffic, whereas online advertising campaigns have none of these abilities.
  • The ability to optimize your website/blog with anchored links to your keywords and phrases to deep, individualized webpages, within your website: While an image tag may be placed in banner or button campaigns, it will only last for the duration of your paid placement.
  • The ability to create a conversation between the producer of the release and the ideal consumer: Since SEO Online Press Releases are static pages that you can link to on your website, blog and social media sites, you have the ability to create online conversations and connect-the-dots between the producers and the end-user your targeted audience. Impossible to achieve in online advertising campaigns.
  • An attached syndication RSS feed: This allows readers to subscribe to receive press releases by your company and gives you the ability to distribute and publish them yourself. RSS feeds are currently unavailable for online advertising campaigns.
  • Trackback abilities. This interactivity is ideal for tracking success of a particular release and is an optimal communication tool for bloggers as well.  
  • Releases are optimized for social bookmarking sites, social media and networking. Anyone interested in your news has the ability to bookmark, save, share and distribute your targeted news to their community of friends and business networks. Social media sharing increases visibility of the release, as well as search engine rankings to your linked webpages. This is difficult to achieve through online advertising campaigns.
  • Statistical packages allow you to track and test keywords and phrases, titles, images, quotables, etc: This gives you critical data to edit and update the release if it does not meet your anticipated goals or expectations. While pay per click campaigns allows tracking and editing key words or phrases, there is no search engine value and the data is only available when posted live.

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