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How to Create Your Virtual Sales Team Using Video Marketing Systems

Game Changer: Webinar Marketing Strategy – You’re Going to LOVE This Way to Get Into Video Marketing

Oprah factor with videoVideo Marketers Cory Michael Sanchez and Ira Rosen know how to make your dream of having a video marketing system that gets you 80% conversion a reality. Imagine having thousands of people watching a webinar and automatically buying either instantly or over a fool proof buying cycle.

During this recent Social Buzz U program, they showed us how to place your marketing on steroids and explode your business and database using their video marketing secrets. You can become the expert and position yourself for amazing success with this system.

They have seen that 90% of a business success is your marketing. New and better ways to tell your story are key to going viral. Here are Cory and Ira’s video marketing system secrets.

Secret 1 Instant Video Follow Up

90% of all business transactions happen between the 5th to 12th touch point with a prospect. Follow up is time consuming and we need to do it in a timely manner to get sales. Imagine instantly sending an email with a personal video to a new prospect to set up a meeting with them. When you have a system already in place, you’ll have a better chance with a new prospect because you’ll stand out with the video and the request to schedule a time to speak.

Secret 2: Automated Follow Up

Here’s the next addition to improve the sales funnel.

  1. Meet prospect.
  2. Send the a follow up video.
  3. Set up a meeting
  4. Send them a series of follow up videos. Include videos of raving fans. They are your social proof. So get great testimonial videos you can send in the series… and viola your clients become your sales force.

Secret 3: Webinars

Benefits of Webinars

Prospects often need more information and you need to build your credibility. Webinars can bridge the gap of getting to know you better. Plus, they build trust and rapport and overcome objections for you ahead of time. They can even generate instant customers.

Be sure to tweak your webinars for maximum results with more images, lots of proof and a compelling close/irresistible offer.

Here’s the Webinar formula:

  1. Have an introduction – what they will learn
  2. Headlines that solve people’s problems
  3. Build relationship – know your backstory and where you came from.
  4. Build credibility – talk about clients, problems you solved, countries, how long
  5. Present the problem – no one knows how to do social media and monetize it
  6. Connect them with the pain and how to resolve it
  7. Present the solution

Case studies are way more powerful than your pitch. Amazing testimonials sharing how happy they are with your content.

When recording your webinar use (NLP) trigger words and phrases that help people take the next step such as:

  • Imagine this for a moment
  • Because
  • Now

Example: Imagine having a webinar and getting instant sales. Now you have those leads, what do you do with them.

Secret 4: Offer a Free Consultation after the Webinar

Host your webinar and offer a free consultation as your call to action at the end.

  • Prospect watches the webinar
  • Offer free consultation
  • Have them schedule them in your calendar

Secret 5: Automate the process

How about if your prospects can watch your webinar 24-7? You don’t have to be present or run it every time. With technology like Mojo Video Marketing System, you can have a page that makes the video available whenever your prospect opens their email or visits the link.

Be sure to include a way for them to:

  • schedule a follow-up time to speak with you,
  • purchase your product/services
  • take a survey/poll or the next step

Cory and Ira know video marketing and have helped everyone from politicians, speakers, and carpenters grow their businesses successfully using video marketing.

See this in action right now. Check out the Mojo Video Marketing system today and blow away your competition.

Prospect enrolls for webinar –> Prospect buys
If they don’t buy, offer a one on one meeting
Result up to 80% closing.

How To Set Your Video Marketing System Up

Create a web Page that has a compelling headline and short video. Make this video a webinar teaser video with about 1 minute and thirty seconds of your best stuff on your webinar. Like a movie trailer. Have an Opt in form to access the webinar. IMPORTANT: The tests that Cory and Ira did found that instant replay converted just as well as scheduled webinars. Develop a post webinar email campaign.

If they didn’t buy, offer a strategy session opt-in page. Once they opt-in and have the strategy session they either will be placed on the New client email campaign or Prospect Nurture Campaign.

The key however is that the automated webinar pre-sells them and covers all the objections. Therefore, DRIVE everyone to your free webinar…

Drive traffic to your webinars from:

  • Referral partners (offline and online)
  • Trade Shows
  • Networking
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Print/TV/Radio
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Press Releases
  • Email Signature
  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Podcasting
  • Article writing

 If you need a video marketing system that can host your videos, have the opt-in page, have the ability to send video email campaigns, be sure to check out the Mojo Video Marketing system.

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