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What Makes An Effective Facebook Promotion?

Take the guesswork out of Facebook promotions

Easypromos is used by many businesses to create promotions every day.

Since they’ve set up the application over 10,000 promotions have been created. With this amount of information it is not complicated to detect recurring patterns and certain common practices in those promotions that have achieved most visibility. From the vantage point of privileged observers that this position gives, we want to share with you a summary of the best practices for achieving an effective promotion.

For Easypromos, an effective promotion is one which gains the maximum number of fans. We are aware that this is a partial reading of the concept of ‘effectiveness’ but it will suffice for the purpose of this blog.

The 3 good practices Easypromos has found to result in most effective promotions include
1. The importance of the prize
2. Group competitions
3. Managing voting

Read more details about these good practices at
Best practices for effective promotion in Facebook

We’d love to hear how you define and run effective promotions on facebook.

Thanks to Easypromos for sponsoring today’s discussion! Share your thoughts below!

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