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Who are you, and what do you do for a living?

Do You Know How to Express What Your Business Is and What You Do as an Entrepreneur?

I have had my own business for 17 years now and as my business expanded across different platforms and media, I have become confused on how to express what I do. I sometimes speak at events, have been on the radio, interviewed in print and online, attended openings and event gatherings and when someone asks me, what I do, I’m afraid I stumble a bit.

I attended a gathering of amazing women entrepreneurs at Rock The World NYC. So many women, each with their own original personality, mission and drive for success. There were women who invented products, some with a heartfelt cause, and some with just the right company and attitude to get where they want to go.

It was an action-oriented 2 day conference, with so many plans for us to set in motion… branding & marketing, money maps, and social media.

But I must say that the more that I think about what drives me, the more I’m just not sure how to express it.

So here is what I believe my mission is: I help people realize through Visual Broadcasting™, how to express themselves on multiple platforms. Do I read their minds? How do I know when they talk to me, or show me things, just what they need?

Perhaps that’s why I have trouble expressing what I do. I’m the one behind the scenes, giving them what they need visually to soar. It’s not graphic, web, social media, promotion or advertising, it’s all encompassing. Sometimes I try out different hats: I’m a green graphic designer, I’m a book designer, I’m a web programmer, I’m a Facebook page designer, I’m a brand identity designer, environmentalist with an amphibian cause, and so on.

It certainly is an interesting place to be. I must look at the big picture and see my combined worth. Not that I do this or that, but find a way to say it cleanly so I don’t have to explain it.

In the coming weeks, in addition to implementing my action plans, I’ll be writing a new business plan, rediscovering myself and what my mission to help other businesses truly is.

Do you know how to express what you do? I’d love to hear your comments.

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